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How Do I Connect a Belkin Wireless Router (n150) to Wireless Internet?

Hi, I am having trouble setting up my belkin wireless router n150. Currently i have a wired router but was wanting to swap it over to a wireless router. The problem- I am having is (please excuse my noobness, i am not up to speed with these things); Every diagram or picture i see tells me to plug the adsl cord from the top grey adsl socket, into my adsl - which i don't have - no broadband where i live, hence the reason i have wireless. So can anyone explain how i plug my wireless antennae/internet into this new wireless router? No matter which way i have put the plugs/cords in, the light on the new belkin router stays orange - no internet connection. Cheers for any help or links provided. Here's the equipment i currently have; ISP = cirrus. antennae on my roof, blue ethernet cable from the antennae canopy runs down inside and plugs into a small black socket/plug. the canopy blue ethernet cable plugs into the side that says 'radio'. the small black plug is plugged into the back of my wired router. the 3 PCs in the house are all connected to this router (brand-tp link) via ethernet cables. My aim is to get rid of the wired router, and all the cables, and connect the wireless router, but ill still obviously have to connect the rooftop antennae to receive the internet signal.

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by Joden on 2 years ago