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If I Reset My D-Link Router Do I Need the CD?

I basically need to change the password and username on my d-link account because I lost it so I need to reset the whole thing...one problem i do not have the CD is that ok?

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Dlink Router

by Nathan on 1 year ago

How Can I Block Keywords on Arris Router Modem?

Recently my family got an Arris router modem TG862. I've been trying to block various adult websites. So far the router successfully blocks all domain names I throw at it, but it does absolutely nothing to block specific keywords. I keep adding words but still no luck... Is there anyway to fix this?

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Arris Router

by Kevin on 1 year ago

How to Enhance Wi-Fi Performance of Airport Extreme?

My internet becomes very sluggish when I use Airport Extreme in bridge mode. I think there is some problem in configuration settings. Please guide me how can I improve the performance of Airport Extreme so that I can enjoy high-speed internet in every corner of my house. Thanks in Advance!

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Apple Airport Router

by Harold on 1 year ago

How Do I Secure My Buffalo Router?

Hello buddies! I am using Buffalo router from a long time and never experience any issue with it. Recently I shifted to a new house and here my Buffalo router is not working properly. I think somebody has hacked my Buffalo router. Can anybody guide me how to secure Buffalo router?

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Buffalo Router

by Erex on 1 year ago

Why Asus Router Connects to One Laptop But Not Another?

Hey everyone !my Asus RT AC51U Dual-Band AC750 wireless router is giving me a headache. The internet is connected to the Westell modem and Ethernet connects the modem's Ethernet port to the Asus router's internet port. Port 1 is connected to a desktop computer which works perfectly. Laptop 1 connects to the router but laptop 2 disconnects after ten minutes.I know both laptops are connected to the same router name, and it is unsecured so there is no password to get wrong. When I can't connect Laptop 2 to the router, I click diagnose. It tells me that a time-out occurred due to the user action. Please help me in this context.

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Asus Router

by Jake on 1 year ago