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Why Does My Wireless Internet Connection Say "No Internet Access, Unidentified Network, Limited Access"?

I just got a new PC (acer tab) for my graduation and I was using it perfectly fine on my homes wifi until yesterday when my internet stopped working and displayed a little yellow exclamation mark on the wireless connection bars. It says Limited access and won't let me access the internet. I do not have a virus and I tried to reboot my router and computer. I am in tears of frustration. Please HELP!

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Linksys Router

by Tomas on 1 year ago

Why I am Facing "Error 108" While Installing Tenda Router?

I just bought a wireless Tenda router. It comes with a CD telling how to connect everything to make it work. While installing, it says "Error 108: Router Not Found". I thought there is some problem in my PC so I've just formatted my Windows XP and I haven't installed any Service Pack. Guys! I am too much worried how to fix this error. Please suggest me troubleshooting tips.

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Tenda Router

by Lee on 1 year ago

How to Install Merlin Firmware on Asus RT-AC86u?

Hello, Please let me know that how to install merlin Firmware on Asus RT-AC86u. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Asus Router

by Peter on 1 year ago