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My Belkin Wireless Router Forgot Security Number. So What Should I Do?

I have a belkin wireless router and have lost the security number i know you can find this out but totally forgot, can anyone jog my memory please, because my son has an iPod touch and wants to try the wi fi out. thanks

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Belkin Router

by Kevin on 3 years ago

How Can I Setup TP Link Router as a Repeater?

I am using tp-link router as a repeater but I saw various problems while making a setup? If you have a large house or simply a problematic area where the Wi-Fi signal from your main router isn't strong enough, it's possible to use a second, spare router you may have lying around to cure the problem. Here we explain how to set up a router to act as a wireless access point.

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TP-link Router

by Nick on 2 years ago

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