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Belkin 54G Router MAC Filtering not Working?

I have 1 PC (wired), 1 laptop and a PS3 (both wireless). Using the PC I have enabled MAC filtering in the router's admin panel, put the laptop's MAC on the list, and set "Access Rule for registered MAC address" to "Allow". As far as I understand this should mean that the laptop is allowed to connect but nothing else. But this is not the case, the PS3 can still connect and use the internet just fine, and by extension I'm assuming anyone else can too. As this is the reason I wanted MAC filtering in the first place I'm puzzled. Please note I know I can do other things to secure my network, such as setting up encryption, but I would like to know why I can't get the MAC filtering to work. Have I failed to understand something about the concept of MAC filtering? Or is this a pre-existing bug? I have the latest firmware and have thoroughly tried to Google it so I'm doubtful of that.

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by May on 2 years ago