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Why My Belkin Router Could not Find Any Internet Connection?

We purchased a computer and a Belkin Wireless Router about 2 years ago. It was working fine. After some time, our computer crashed and I purchased new PC. There was no more software or anything for the router on the system anymore, so I install Belkin router software on the new computer and the router is working smoothly. Today, I decided to try and get my Wi-Fi hooked up to my router. And while I was "detecting" the router it said that it couldn't find any internet connection. What is the problem?

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by Victor on 4 years ago

How to Nighthawk Router Login – Find User, Password, IP?

Hello, Please let me know how to Nighthawk router login and find user, password, IP. I bought this new router and don't know anything about that. Help me.
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by Victor on 10 months ago

How to Login Westell Versalink 327W Router -

Please let me know that how to login Westell Versalink 327W router. I bought this new router but now trying to connect it then its not working. Help me.
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by Victor on 8 months ago

What Causes WiFi to Only Work When You are Close to the Router?

Is there anyone who knows about what causes wifi to only work when you’re close to the router. I am facing these issue while using router. Help me.
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by Victor on 4 months ago