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Can't Forward Port in D-Link 2750U Router?

I am trying to forward the port 80 on my Dlink router. I have been trying to forward it for using SET(Social engineering toolkit). Whenever access my IP address, after forwarding, it brings me back to the router page. But when I access the device address ( in this case), I can see the page loading correctly(only to the devices connected to the routers though). Please help me how can I forward port in Dlink router.

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Dlink Router

by Balth on 2 years ago

How do I set Default settings of TP-LINK AD7200?

Hey Guys, Recently I bought TP-LINK AD7200 and I don't know how do I set Default settings of TP-LINK AD7200? I tried many times but fail. Help me.

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TP-link Router

by Troy on 2 years ago

How to Change Password on Netgear Router?

Hello, Please tell me about how to change password on Netgear router.I want to change my Netgear router password. But i have no idea about changing Netgear router password.

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Netgear Router

by Gary on 2 years ago