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Why My HP Router is Not Compatible with HP Laptop?

Is anyone familiar with HP MSR920 Ethernet Router .I've got an HP XE3 laptop running W2K that I've managed to connect to the Internet (cable broadband). I can get to my homepage, but something goes wrong at that point and I can't get to any other web page (I get an "unknown address" message). I'm assuming there's some sort of compatibility problem between the router hardware/software and the HP BIOS, but it's just a wild guess. Thanks for any help.

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HP Router

by Adam on 2 years ago

Why My Trendnet Router Keep Disconnecting the Connection after Some Time?

I've just bought a Trendnet 658BRM router. When I turn on the router everything is working perfectly but after 20-25 minutes, my internet connection gets slow and sometimes disconnect. But the LED on the Trendnet router is still blinking. Please help me to resolve Trendnet router connectivity issue!!

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Trendnet Router

by Reyes on 2 years ago