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How to Resolve Trouble Outbound Remote Desktop Connection on DLink Router?

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble setting up a remote desktop connection to my workplace through my Dlink DIR-600L Wireless N150 Home Cloud Broadband Router at home. I know it is the router causing the problem because when I physically bypass it, I can connect to my workplace no problem with Remote Desktop Connection. I have tried disabling the built-in firewall, port triggering port 3389, creating a static IP on my end and port forwarding port 3389 to that computer. Ultimately I would like to be able to use Remote Desktop Connection on all my computers at home to connect to work, so I think that port forwarding is not the right choice anyway. I don't see why the client-side router should have to do port forwarding, I thought only the host-side router should be port forwarding. Any help would be extremely appreciated as this is becoming very frustrating.

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by Gail on 2 years ago

How do I Reset my Arris BGW210?

Hello, Please let me know How do I Reset my Arris BGW210? I tried many times but unavailable to Reset my Arris BGW210. So can anyone have any idea?

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by Gail on 1 month ago

How to Reset the Linksys EA7300 to Factory Defaults?

I have a Linksys EA7300 model. Recently the network speed of my wireless Linksys router has gone extremely low. Can anyone suggest me how to reset Linksys EA7300 to Factory Defaults? I will be highly thankful!

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by Gail on 1 year ago