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How to Set Asus Router with BT Infinity 2?

Hi, I've just got BT Infinity 2 and I'm trying to connect the HomeHub5 to my new Asus RT-AC68U wireless router. I know it's supposed to be a very easy setup but for some reason, I am struggling big time with it. I've set the connection type to PPPoE but still, I am receiving the error "There is no response from the remote server" and the internet setup wizard times out every time. What's the correct setup procedure for the cabling, is it Modem WAN to Wireless router WAN or Modem LAN to Wireless router WAN? Please help me!

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Asus Router

by Riley on 2 years ago

Why Can't I Connect to My Arris Router Settings Page?

Hello, I am using Arris router. I am troubleshooting an issue with connection to chat on my game. It also giving issue with play back flash videos on certain websites. I know how to fix the problem, but I cannot access my firewall settings on my Arris router due to the default gateway IP address. It gives me but when I type that into my search bar no connection is found. I can access my wireless routers page with no problem. But when directly hooked up to my router it's a no go. Please help me.

My Arris Router Model Number : TG862

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Arris Router

by Alton on 2 years ago

How do I Secure My Tenda Router?

I have a Tenda N301 wireless router which I recently bought and my friend set it up for me. I have a Comcast modem connection with speeds upto 100 mb/s. Recently I have noticed that my router’s speed slows down significantly during evening and night. On further check I have noticed that more than 12 devices are connected to my wifi although I have only two. So can anyone tell me how to setup security on my router so that only I get to access it?

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Tenda Router

by Jacob on 2 years ago