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How to Fix Power Issue in Belkin Router?

I have a Belkin N150 F9K1009zb Router. I always switch all my equipment off at night so I did last night as well. But this morning, it would not come on again when I flicked the switch on the power socket. I changed the power adaptor but problem is same. Then I used an adaptor with 12v output instead of the 9v that belongs to the router. Then all the lights came on and the thing seemed to work again. It is clearly not the adaptor that is broken but something inside the router does no longer work with a 9v adaptor but does work with a 12v adaptor. Should I keep using the 12v adaptor, have the router fixed or just buy a new one?

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Belkin Router

by Alex on 1 year ago

Why is My Arris Router Showing WPS Error While Connecting to Printer?

Recently I purchased new Arris router model number# DG1670A. I can't get the printer to connect. I tried WPS push button many times and every time it says WPS Error. When I print the network test page it shows that Fail for Network Name (SSID) Found. I have tried everything but there is no change. Please help me.

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Arris Router

by Cyrus on 1 year ago

Linksys WRK54G Setup?

I have the router but i lost the cd so i went online and i keep getting pointed to a firmware download that's a bin file and my computer doesn't know how to open it can someone tell me how to install this router?

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Linksys Router

by Ava on 1 year ago