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How to Reset a Router Password?

I have a router, and i forget it's access now. So tell me the procedure to reset my old password to new one. I have some urgent work but not to doing anything just because of my router access. So help me out and thanks in advance.

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Arris Router

by Piyush on 2 years ago

How Do I Secure My TP-Link Router?

Hello all! I forget security key of my TP-Link router and due to this, my laptop is not connecting to the router. Please help me in this context. Also, provide other security techniques so I can secure my router from external threats. Thanks!

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TP-link Router

by Henry on 2 years ago

My Buffalo Airstation Won't Connect to the Internet!?

I have a Buffalo wireless router running DD-WRT. My router was working fine but suddenly today I can't access the internet through it. There exists no internet connection either it is connected via wireless or LAN port. I have also reset my Buffalo AirStation but still the situation is same. Any ideas?

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Buffalo Router

by Franks on 2 years ago

How to Setup My Router on Iinet?

I have recently bought a D-Link DIR-816 router for my home needs. Currently, my service provider is iiNET. I have got a modem from them which was in perfect condition last I checked. The problem here is, I do not know how to set up and configure my router as last time the iiNet guys did it for me. So can anyone here tell me how to configure my router on iiNet in simple steps?

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Dlink Router

by Marquis on 2 years ago