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Why My NETGEAR Router is Not Setting up via NETGEAR Genie Interface?

I am using the Netgear Genie Interface to set up and successfully connected to Netgear EXT, but later, when the genie creates a name for a new extender WiFi network and I opt to use the same security settings. When I press click on "continue" nothing happens. I checked the networks and the "new" extended network does not yet exist. What should I do to install Netgear router?

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Netgear Router

by Reed on 2 years ago

Why Asus Router is Dropping Out Connection Constantly?

I have problems with Asus router which I have had for approx 4 years getting hot & dropping connection constantly. This has worsened over the last 4 months. I have a high speed cable connection & all devices in the house are wireless. What should I do to get this sorted out?

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Asus Router

by Henry on 2 years ago