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Can't Login to NETGEAR Router WNR2000V3?

I reset it and reinstalled it using cd but can't login to routerlogin.com using username admin and password password. I tried different combination like routerlogin.net or password 1234 but nothing worked. I called Netgear Customer Service and they said I need to pay $18 to get help. Can somebody help me?

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Netgear Router

by Zack on 2 years ago

NETGEAR Router Not Connecting to PC?

I don't understand why my Netgear router is not connecting to PC. I have checked all physical connections and internal settings, everything is OK yet I am unable to access the internet with my Netgear router. Help me to troubleshoot Netgear router's issue so that I can access internet without any inconvenience.

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Netgear Router

by Kev on 2 years ago