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How to Set up Buffalo Whr-HP-G54 Router as Wireless Access Point?

I want to set up a home network with Belkin router and Buffalo router. For this process, I want that my Belkin router works as a LAN router and Buffalo router as an access point. Is there anybody who can guide me how to set up Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router as a wireless access point. Thanks.

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Buffalo Router

by Steven on 2 years ago

How to Change My Wireless Name and Password (OPTUS-CG3000)?

Hello guys! I am using Optus provided Netgear modem. I want to change wireless name and password because I think someone is leaching my internet. When I type "" in the address bar, Optus Netgear gateway does not display on the screen. I don't know why this is happening? Please provide me some easy steps through which I can easily change wireless name and password (Optus-CG3000). Thanks!

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Netgear Router

by Gary on 2 years ago

How do I Change My Network on My Roku?

Hello everyone! I am experiencing constant connectivity issues with Roku from yesterday. While setting up Roku, my device automatically got connected to the wrong network inadvertently. One of my friend suggested me to change network settings for connecting to correct network. But I have no idea how to change Roku's network. Help me guys to change network on Roku! Thanks in Advance!

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Router Common Problems

by Crux on 2 years ago

How do I Setup a Belkin Router Without the CD?

I have bought a Belkin wireless router from eBay recently. When the package arrived yesterday, I realised that the courier did not have any installation CD. Last time the ISP guys set my router and gave me an ID and Password. I do not know how to configure this without the CD. Can anyone here tell me how to do that without the need of CD?

Thanks in advance!

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Belkin Router

by Sam on 3 years ago

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