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How to Setup Belong Modem?

I have no idea how to setup Belong modem with TPG. I have also googled on the internet to find out the setup procedure for Belong modem but didn’t find anything useful. Can anyone guide me how to setup Belong modem in the easiest way? Thanks in Advance!

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Router Common Problems

by Rosen on 2 years ago

How to Setup My Router With OPTUS Cable Modem?

Hi all! I just recently purchased Optus cable modem. I just want to know about how to setup connection between the cable modem and wireless router so that I can enjoy wireless internet. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Dlink Router

by Adrian on 2 years ago

How to Setup Belkin Router Without Modem?

There is no doubt in saying that Belkin router can setup without modem. But dear friends, I don’t know what process should follow to set up Belkin router without using cable modem. Actually I don’t want to spend money to buy a cable modem.

When I tried to setup Belkin router using CD-ROM, my installation was failing again-n-again. So please guide me how to setup Belkin router without any cable or DSL modem. I hope someone will provide me appropriate answer.

My devices are - Actiontec PK5000 modem , Belkin N600 DB N+ Wireless Router

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Belkin Router

by Carol on 2 years ago

How to Setup NETGEAR N300 Wireless Router Without CD?

I have Comcast internet and I need a play by play on how to set up my wireless router so I can have WiFi. It did not come with a CD. I know I have to go to and such and the default user name is password and the password is password or 1234 but it doesn't work and I'm not even 100% sure I have the wires set up right. I have also downloaded the manual but it says setup Netgear router using setup wizard. My router model is Netgear n300.

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Netgear Router

by Ameila on 2 years ago

TP Link EAP Access Points?

Hello - I have two TP Link EAP245 AP units. Both are hooked to my router's switch. I set each one up using the web interface separately(each with their own login). Each router has the same ssid for 2.4 and 5 frequencies. My computers and phones flawlessly more from one AP to the other based on signal strength. I also have a printer hooked wirelessly to the network. I am only able to print when I am at one side of the house. When on the other side the printer can not be found so even though I have one ssid, it appear the two AP units are not talking. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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TP-link Router

by Anthony on 2 years ago