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Arris Modem/Router Dropping/Connectivity Issues?

Hello, I have an Arris home router which is wireless in nature. I have been using the router for quite some time and it works fine for the most part. But, from last 2 days I have noticed a sudden drop in connection regularly from 8 pm to 1 am. The router either frequently disconnects in the given time frame or the speed drops too low to be usable. I have reset it and restarted it couple of times but the problems remains the same. Can anyone tell me why this issue has occured? I use a Comcast modem connection.

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Arris Router

by Ben on 1 year ago

How do I Log Into My ZYXEL Router?

I cannot login to my Zyxel router, I have been using it on my Windows PC for over three months now. Due to poor performance, my ISP suggested changing the bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz from 2.4 GHz. When I tried the default IP address in my browser, it always showed that my IP address cannot be reached. can anyone tell me what the issue is an how can I get it sorted?

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Zyxel Router

by James on 1 year ago