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How to Set up TPG NBN Modem?

Hello folks! I want to setup Asus RT-56U router with TPG NBN modem. I just access the Asus router configuration page and run the wizard but an error message displays on the screen. Suggest me what settings do I need to put in my router to setup my Asus router for TPG NBN modem. Any suggestions are highly welcomed!

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Asus Router

by Rock on 2 years ago

How do I Connect My NETGEAR Router to a Hughes HT2000W Modem?

Yesterday, I purchased Netgear router and Hughes ht2000w modem. After setting up both devices, when I trying to connect my iPad to Netgear router, there was no sign of internet, in fact, it says the internet is not available. The same thing is happening with other devices that I was trying to connect to my Netgear router.
Please suggest me something so that I can enjoy high-speed network with my Netgear router.

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Netgear Router

by Dwight on 2 years ago