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Asus to AT&T Velocity Connections?

I currently have a local Telco DSL modem that is connected to a ASUS AC3100 wireless dual band router and then also a NETGEAR repeater on another floor on my home. I am in the process of replacing the DSL modem with a AT&T velocity wireless internet device (MF923). The new velocity device will only broadcast 2.4 or 5.0 ghz but not both. Plus the overall distance is far less then what I have been getting with the ASUS router. My question is can I reconfigure the AC3100 to access the Velocity internet device? The Velocity device does NOT have Network cable ports so it will have to be a wireless connection. Or do I need to purchase another Netgear repeater?

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Asus Router

by David on 2 years ago

Airport Extreme Wi-Fi Auto Channel Issue?

Hello, currently I am using a 5th generation Airport Extreme and it worked perfectly fine until the update. Recently, after the update, my iPhone and MacBook Air would connect to 2.4 GHz channel as before but 5.0 GHz channel does not connect my Apple products. Is it happening because of the Firmware update? Shall I uninstall the update or can it be fixed even without the roll-back?

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Apple Airport Router

by Corey on 1 year ago

Arris Modem/Router no Valid IP Configuration?

Hey, I recentlt bought an Ariis router for my home needs. I use a Comcast internet connection as service provider. When I sat down to configure my Arris router, the IP address part seems to have issues. I googled my IP and DNS but when I put them in their respective place nothing happened. I mean the Router could not connect to internet and asked me to look into my WAN settings. Can anyone tell me what the issue is? I use a Windows 7 PC.

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Arris Router

by Alex on 1 year ago

How to Setup Belkin Router?

I recently bought a Belkin wireless router form my home network, I have a Comcast as a service provider. I do not know how to configure or setup this thing? Do I need to simply plug it in with my modem? Can anyone tell me in detail and non-tech language on how to do this?

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Belkin Router

by Anthony on 1 year ago