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My Tenda Wireless Router W311r+ Not Working with TP-Link Router?

When I tried to connect my Tenda Wireless router w311R+ to TP-Link router, it does not work. In fact, only power light illuminates when I connect Tenda router with TP-Link. I am too much confused. Is my Tenda router not compatible with TP-Link router or there exist different issue? Help me!

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by Emir on 2 years ago

Why Can't I Login Into My NETGEAR Router?

I have a Netgear N-series of router, which I have been using for quite some time. My ISP provided me with a login details to get access to my router settings page, which I never really used. But recently, when I was having issues with my router, I could not login to my Netgear router. Can anyone tell me why this happened and how can I login to my router?

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by Emir on 1 year ago