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Wireless Printing Via ZYXEL Router not Working?

I have Zyxel router model AMG-1302 and HP Printer. My router shows the wireless connection to HP Printer is fine but I can't print wirelessly from iPad. Is there exist any port problem or something else? Help me so that I can print wirelessly!

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Zyxel Router

by Carson on 1 year ago

Why My Synology Router is Not Working with NETGEAR DM200 Modem?

I recently bought a Synology wireless router like a week ago. I already had a Netgear DM200 modem from my previous service provider and it was working well so decided to keep it. Last night when I sat down to configure my router along with the Netgear modem, nothing happened. I mean my Synology router would not pick any signals when it is driven by the modem. Is it weird or some kind of technical glitch? Please help me out here and tell how can I fix it?

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Synology Router

by Peter on 1 year ago