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How To Setup Buffalo Router As Bridge?

I'm using a new Buffalo router and wanting to use my old Buffalo router as repeater to extend the WiFi coverage at home, so that signals can reach every corner of my home. My Buffalo router use DD-WRT firmware so it will be easy to configure router as a repeater. Can anyone suggest me the easiest method to setup Buffalo router as a bridge? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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Buffalo Router

by Henry on 2 years ago

Why My Airport Extreme Got Green Light But No Internet Connection?

I bought an AirPort Extreme Wireless router this weekend and hooked it up to my cable modem at home. I used the Airport Utility to set up the base station and create a wireless network. At first, I used DHCP to set up but got a yellow light and a message saying that the internet connection was not working. So I hook my MacBookPro directly to the cable modem ethernet port and got all the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router and DNS information from my ISP, Cox Cables. After this, I connect the AE to the cable modem ethernet port and used the Airport Utility to set up the base station again. I chose manually set up this time with the IP address I got from ISP. I got it working without any problem and my MacBook Pro was able to detect to the AE. However, I still can't access the internet. The light on the AE itself is solid green, but there is no connectivity to the internet. Any help will be appreciated. I'm using Mac OSX v10.6.6.

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Apple Airport Router

by Greer on 2 years ago

Why My NETGEAR Router is Dropping Internet Connection Again and Again?

I have Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router which I connect to my PC. But nowadays I am experiencing that the internet is disconnecting in every 30 seconds- 5 minutes. I am running all the new updates with my router and router but when I use my phone it connects just fine and runs fine. I have already unplugged everything for 30 seconds or more multiple times, have reset the whole router, and restart my computer, and still hasn't fixed it. I have been trying to play League of Legends and when I get into a game my internet hangs around 60-90ms and then eventually get a lag spike that lasts from 10-30 seconds saying trying to reconnect and it is non-stop. No one is on the internet besides me and I have nothing running in the background so is there any other way to fix this?

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Netgear Router

by Felix on 2 years ago