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How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD?

I purchased N150 Belkin router from my friend and neither he has installation CD nor quick installation guide and due to this, I am unable to setup Belkin router on my system. So, friends please help me to install Belkin router without CD. I have also searched this process on the internet but didn’t find anything useful. Is there anyone who can help me to setup Belkin router without CD, any help will be highly appreciated!

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Belkin Router

by Arron on 1 year ago

How to Setup NETGEAR Router Without Modem?

Hey, i recently bought Netgear router N300 for my home needs. After hooking it up with my modem I realized that the modem has stopped working too. I use an iiNet connection and need to setup the router real quick. Is there a way I can setup my router without the modem?

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Netgear Router

by Marquis on 1 year ago