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R7000 Stops Connecting to the Internet?

I got an Inspiron 5567 Laptop with Windows 10 x64 for Christmas. Other than my mobile phones, it is the first 5GHz device on my LAN Since then my Netgear R7000 router crashes daily. It had previously run, without crash, for more than a year. There was no problem when I kept the Laptop off for a week. At this point I am considering using Tomato Router firmware, which I used quite successfully on my old router, but if that would still leave open questions about the laptop. Tomato may allow me to log troubleshooting information that I can't get from the existing firmware. SYMPTOMS: 1. After the crash, using wired or Wifi devices, I cannot login into the router at (no response). I can Ping it. 2. I CAN still connect between all Wired/Wifi devices on my LAN. 3. I CANNOT connect to the Internet using multiple browsers. 4. I CAN connect to the ATT Modem behind the router with a browser. 5. I CAN also connect to the Internet, with a browser, if I use VPN on an individual PC. 6. Powering the router off/on resolves the problem. Troubleshooting Actions 1. I have factory reset the router and also tested a new Netgear Router. 2. I have tried older and the newest firmware on the router. 3. Disabling Dropbox on the laptop "appeared" to fix the problem for a few days. (Using Wireshark, I noted that the laptop had, at minimum, four DB-LSP-DISC "DropBox discovery protocol" retries) All other PCs on my LAN have no retries. 4. Verified no duplicate IP addresses on my LAN. (Most all IPs are fixed, - reserved IPs by MAC address in router settings) 5. Worked with DELL to make sure the laptop has the latest drivers, etc. 6. Enable/Disable router's WPS Pin. 7. Enable/Disable 5GHz WiFi on router.

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by Jim Dodd on 1 year ago