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How to Setup Belkin Router in Bridge Mode?

Hello, folks I was using a Belkin router for over a year and recently upgraded to Netgear N300 since the older one was not performing upto the mark. I have configured my Netgear router to my network but want to continue using the Belkin router in Bridge mode. My home is quite big and connectivity is an issue in far ends. One of my friend told me Belkin router does not specifically have wireless bridge capabilities. I am out of ideas on how to setup Belkin router. So can anyone suggest on how can I convert my Belkin router in Bridge mode?

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by Calvert on 2 years ago

How do I Put a Password on My Belkin Router So That My Neighbours Cant Use my internet connection?

I have windows vista, and i am frustrating this issue. Plz protect my router from my neighbours. Thanks

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by Calvert on 1 year ago