6 Reasons Why Your Ethernet Is Slower Than WiFi And How To Fix Them?

Are you annoyed because your internet is very slow? If yes, then you must be well aware of how an ethernet connection works. The ethernet technology was commercially introduced in the year 1980. Using ethernet, you can build a connection between two devices.

This is a means of communication between 2 or more devices, which leads to the formation of a local area network.  We all know that LAN is a wired connection and offers connectivity in a small area like a building, office, or home. 

Earlier, the connection was formed through a coaxial cable system. Later on, with advancements in the technical world, twisted pairs of wires were used. The standard protocol for ethernet is done through hardware and software devices.

So, below mentioned are the 6 different reasons why your ethernet is slower than Wi-Fi and how you can resolve that issue. 

Ethernet Vs Wi-Fi 2021

Take a look below to learn different ways to fix the slow ethernet problem. 

1) Data Transfer Rate

Ethernet's data transfer rate was 2.94 megabits per second at first but later it increased to 400 gigabits per second. On the flip side, the data transfer speed of Wi-Fi is 600-6908 megabits per second. 

2) Latency

Another thing that you must take into account is latency. It leads to delay in traffic. The latency of Wi-Fi is more than the latency of ethernet. 

3) Reliability and Speed

When you talk about reliability, then ethernet is a lot more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi as wireless signals get interrupted by obstructions like building walls and electronic devices. These interferences block the signal and that impacts Wi-Fi's reliability. Ethernet is a lot faster than Wi-FI because of a wired connection. 

Reasons Why Ethernet is Slower than WiFi

A wired network is supposed to be faster than a wireless network. If it is slower then that means there is something wrong with it. 

1) Cable Length

There is a chance that the length of your cable is longer than it should be. The standard length of an ethernet cable is 328 feet. If it is a Cat5 cable, then it should be 100m long. Cat 6, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 have the same length.

If the length of your cable is longer than the standard, then that can be one of the reasons why your ethernet is slower than Wi-Fi. 

2) Cabling

Slow internet issues can also occur because of a bad cable choice. If the cable connected to your computer has loose ends and is improperly crimped, then that can lead to slow internet connectivity. 

3) External Interference

Another cause of slower ethernet can be interference. Electronic devices like microwaves and speakers can cause interference. You just need to keep your cable away from these external sources. Microwave ovens should be kept 10 feet away from the cable. 

4) ISP Issues

ISP issues can also make your internet connection slower. These issues can occur because of over the ground and underground cable systems. 

5) An Infected Computer

A virus-infected computer can also lead to slow internet connectivity. Spyware takes all the information from your computer system and hacks it. 

6) Power Connectivity

Please make sure that all the devices are receiving power and are connected to the correct port.

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