How to Make Your Wi Fi Signal Stronger?


Describing How to Make Your Wi-Fi Signal Stronger

Having one wireless device connecting with many multiple devices using that same internet connection becomes your Wi-Fi signal not as strong as it should be. However this wireless signal is transmitted over by air.

Thus Wi-Fi signal strength is not enough good in providing a consistent internet connection. Here we discuss a few simple steps that finds in solving your problem for how to make your Wi-Fi signal stronger?

Step-1 : First reset all devices. There are many reasons for which including poor wireless signal strength by doing a simple power cycle to all networks for all devices. Then you need to remove the power cords to both the modem as well as wireless router only when if you are using them.

Then unplugged that power cords for 30-35 seconds after this back to plug them and then try to restart your computer. Reboot your computer device and then recheck your Wi-Fi signal strength whether it is improved or not. If failed for how to make your Wi-Fi signal stronger then go to next step for troubleshooting.


Step-2 : Now you need to set or move your computer device near to wireless router or can say keep your router close to the PC. Although a wireless routers doesn't provide an unlimited range. This could be arise one reason for making your Wi-Fi signal stronger because due to your PC is getting simply outside of your wireless router's range.

Perhaps using ISPs can able to install your any kind of modem to one specific area only for home environment and thus that modem will unable to work at any other locations. If you are trying to move your modem combined with router for giving the possibility of best Wi-Fi signal strength. Thus you are getting almost poor signal strength by moving your computer to any location that finally your router may be affected a malfunction.


Step-3 : You need to get in touch with router technical support manufacture department. Thus router malfunctions is not a result of bad or a broken router. But this is due to not connecting your router upgrading firmware. Rather than if it is failed to make your Wi-Fi signals stronger then this needs to purchase a new router.

Step-4 : Now you have purchase the new wireless router. In fact a wireless router is priced in each part which is based upon how these routers are widely used as a broadcasts signal along with packaging to each and every wireless routers which is an approximated range usually in a square footage than that of other router's network. This makes your Wi-Fi signal stronger throughout the entire home and runs as long as you wants to be with a proper function.

This completes the procedure for how to make your Wi-Fi signal stronger by following steps manually.

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