How to Setup a Wireless Router on a MAC?


This will guide you how to setup a wireless router on a Mac. Are you sure you want to turn on your Mac to a wireless router. This is a great option if you have yet purchase wireless router on Mac you need a DSL cable or a modem.

This connects with new alterations in the given latter steps that needs the knowledge of the layout of Mac OS X. However these devices are more expensive still it can connect a wireless router in a relative manner.

These Instructions will Discuss About How to Setup a Wireless Router on a Mac as:

Step-1: First of all you have to make sure that your mac device will not connect to an internet port or via an internet line. Then disconnect or unplug the cable or DSL modem from the wall outlet when it starts off.

After doing so connect the network cable which conducts to a modem and located at the back of your PCs. And then connect it with an ethernet port that is marked as LAN or as WAN; but these are listed in router settings.

Step-2: After to do so plug the modem return back to their power socket and then this allows for initialize. Just wait for a few seconds. then you make sure that your computer will turned on in well condition and this allows your PC to complete initialization.

Then this requires you to connect it with your wireless router network cable straight to the available ports as located in the wireless router.

Step-3: Now open your favorite web browser. Then locate the address bar and type in it. And then enter the special address of the router that allows and manufactured by the wireless router device documentation. Also required router's password if needed.

Step-4: Then input the SSID or as wireless network name. Then this needs to be entered the configuration page. This is the SSID name that is chosen by you. Also it requires to consider the password encrypting of the network of your choice. Then apply for save your settings.

Step-5: Then disconnect the network cable from your give that can established your temporary internet connection. This wired internet connection will no longer to proceed further but this makes your complete configuration. This wireless card is now contained in your Mac device that works properly.

Step-6: Then give a right click to the network icon which is known as set of waves and is located in the upper right hand side of the Mac OS X. This properly connects your new wireless router network setup with Mac device.

In the drop down list under wireless icon select the SSID name of your given network wait for a while and then enjoying your free internet browsing in Mac by connecting the new wireless router device with wired free.

Hope you will enjoying to do so and makes your setup too easy for connecting the new wireless router with Mac device. Read these steps and connect your wireless router on Mac.

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