How to Setup Belkin Router?


To connect an Internet network from your any computer device Belkin router is an excellent resource. Belkin Router is a collection of more than one devices that bare widely used to local area network.

This makes difficult to set up a Belkin router some important things that we need to create when we connect the computer device and the internet network. Also we can set up a Belkin router mostly in our homes for official purpose with enables for your computers tablets smartphones by using an internet connection at the same time. Belkin remains that it the most trusted and more reliable brands when it comes to as routers.

When you have a Belkin then you should not to fear for intermittent signal or as a problematic internet connections. Belkin router helps to provide us many facilities that makes it to possible to work anything anywhere and at any time. Therefore If Belkin Router creates any problem our expert technicians are ready to solve it at any 24/7.

You just have to make a phone call to our technical experts they solves your issues related to Belkin Router's within a few minutes. Not to worry my friends while wasting you specific time for making a one call to our technical experts. Therefore our services are available at 24*7*365.

There are some important steps that makes you easy to set up a Belkin Router:-

i). To set up a Belkin Router connect your computer device directly to your cable or you can say as modem. If you can see a log –in screen to your internet service provider then you make a note of a user and a password.

ii). Then you unplug your router and your cable.


iii). After that plug this modem to your Belkin router's "WAN" port and then connect it with your PC to one of your Belkin router's ports.


iv). Then you turn on your modem and wait for a while. After being this going to plug in your router and then restart your PC.

v). To select your windows from "Start" then go to Control Panel then click to Network Connections. Give a Right click at Local Area Connection to get your network connection properties.


vi). To obtain an IP Address Automatically you have to click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Then you go to Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically.


vii). Then open your web browser and if you are prompted for a user name and the password then you should enter the information whatever you have recorded in Step 1.

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