The Best Modem Router Combos In 2021 (Long Range, Gaming, Dual Band)?

With so many individuals still working from home due to COVID-19, your Wi-Fi network is doing a lot more than just letting you stream movies and play games. Millions of consumers rely on home Wi-Fi routers to stay connected while also connecting an ever-increasing number of smart home gadgets.

That means deciding which one is best for you and your budget is more difficult than ever, especially now that more Wi-Fi 6 devices are becoming accessible. When looking for a new router, start by thinking about the size of your coverage area, the number of customers you'll be supporting, and the sorts of devices you'll be connecting.

Not everyone requires the level of performance provided by the most recent models, and there's no reason to pay for capabilities you'll probably never use; thus, if you're searching for a low price rather than a large bag of cutting-edge features, have a look at our list of budget routers.

Wi-Fi Bands: What You Need to Know

Any decent router nowadays will have at least two radio bands, a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz band. Because it is more proficient at penetrating walls and other barriers, the 2.4GHz band runs at a lower frequency than the 5GHz band and gives a superior range. However, it lacks the fat pipe and high-speed access that the 5GHz frequency provides.


Netgear is a well-known company that has earned a lot of well-deserved praise for its high-quality goods. The C6250-1AZNAS is no exception, offering exceptional performance as well as a wide range of configuration options.

This modem/router combo has a decent max speed of 680Mbps, so most people should be able to improve their internet in the future. This modem/router can provide enough bandwidth for periods of intensive internet use thanks to its 164 channel design.

This router is a dual-band device, so depending on your needs, you may switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 5 GHz wi-fi is better for online gaming and other tasks that demand fast internet, but 2.4 GHz is slower.


Motorola is another well-known manufacturer of modems and routers. For those searching for an AC1900 modem/router, the MG7700 is the best option. The MG7700, unlike the first router on this list, has a 248 channel bonding setup, which will come in useful if several devices are trying to connect to the internet at the same time.

This router has download and upload rates of up to 1000 Mbps and 246 Mbps, respectively. While not top-of-the-line, this should do for most purposes.


The next option is another Netgear modem/router combo, albeit this one is speedier than the last. The Nighthawk C7000 offers rates of up to 960 Mbps right out of the box, which is far faster than most ISP data plans.

This overhead should allow for future speed upgrades with ease. In terms of bandwidth, this router does not disappoint. This router should be able to manage strong traffic from numerous devices because to the 248 channel bonding, and uploads should be unaffected.


The ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 is a high-performance modem/router with plenty of bandwidth. This router offers unrivaled performance for those prepared to spend a little extra money. Our router can handle Wi-Fi rates of up to 2350 Mbps, which is significantly faster than the other routers on this list.

These speeds should essentially future-proof it, preventing you from purchasing a new router for quite some time. This router provides 328 channel bonding in addition to fast speeds. With such a high configuration, numerous devices should be able to connect to the internet and receive or upload data without bottlenecking or generating traffic.

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