Why is Default Username, Password and IP Address Not Working for My Synology Router?


You could log in to your Synology router settings with the default password and username. it has been mentioned that, whilst configuring your device, ISP does not make modifications to administrative settings and it stays as default. with the help of given table below, you can discover your default username and password according to the version of your Synology router.

These data had been currently up to date and for that reason,  it should let you log in to your router’s settings web page. Most of the router producers additionally print those login info at the bottom of your device so that you may also use those.

Model Number

Default Username/SSID

Default Password

Default IP Address


DiskStation DS414










What if the Given Default IP Address, Username, and Password Also do Not Work?

If the default username and Password to your version of Synology device does not work, chances are it has been either modified with the aid of you or your ISP. You ought to reset your Synology router so that the settings reset to default. That way you can use the information given in the above table or even the one written at the bottom of your device.

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