Belkin N Wireless Router F5d8326-4 V3 Not Working With MAC Book?

We bought a Belkin N Wireless router model F5D8326-4 v3. It worked great for our PC's , ps3 but our Mac is super slow on the internet if we can get it to connect at all.

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Belkin N Wireless Router F5d8326-4 V3:

I think that this Mac has a bad antenna or LAN card. Before you get too far with this, is the MAC in the same room with the router or in some distant part of the house? A few walls, floors or appliances can kill wifi.

Move into the same room. If the problem persists I'd say it was the MAC itself. If you have low-level DSL or Cable service, running several PC's and a PS3 could be choking for more bandwidth. You need at least 10mbps service from cable to handle this much stuff.

If you have DSL you will have to negotiate with the family on a schedule of who gets the internet when.Once you setup the router you have entered an SSID and the two a WEP password or WPA pre-shared key. On the iPod touch, bypass into Settings and go to WiFi.

Now, choose your SSID (community call) and enter the appropriate suited password or key whilst triggered.If there are any more you need, please ask.

Belkin N Wireless Router F5d8326-4 V3 Not Working With MAC Book?

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