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Belkin Router Rebooted, Wireless not Working?

My belkin F6D4630-4 router is not working after I attempted to reboot it (as my Xbox troubleshoot said it would help) I can connect to the internet through a cable fine, but trying to connect through wireless, the SSID doesn't even appear! I have tried several things, even resetting to factory settings and re-configuring the router. On the router itself, all of the LED's are on (wired, router, ADSL, internet and 'security' was previously on before I reconfigured) except the wireless LED. So the router isn't sending any wireless connection nor showing its SSID. I have connected to the router through the IP as well but I don't really see what could be wrong. Does anyone have any idea at all why doing a simple router rebooting by turning it off and on has made my wireless go? I can't find a setting for the wi-fi being on/off. The router was recently bought about 3 weeks ago.

Fix Belkin Router Wireless not Working:

The ability to access Wifi through your Belkin Router is dependent on multiple conditions, so if you fail to fulfill any, you might not be able to access the internet.

The router is configured with safety features which helps in blocking unnecessary intruders. If these safety features are not configured properly, you might not be able to access Wifi.

So Follow These Instructions to Troubleshoot Your Belkin Router. In Case You Require Any Technical Assistance, Contact Belkin Router Team.

Step 1: Connect your router to the computer using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port on your router and the other end to the computer. Wait for 3-5 minutes to let the connection to establish.

Step 2: Open your web browser and type “” in the given URL field and hit Enter. You will be redirected to router’s default homepage.

Step 3: Enter the Username & Password by clicking on the “login” tab at the top right corner. Enter “admin” in the username and leave the password field blank.

Step 4: Reset your TCP/IP settings. Click on “Start”, type “CMD” in the search field. When the command line opens up type “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt” and hit “Enter”. Restart your computer once done.

Step 5: Change the wireless security settings to WPA or WPA2 from the router homepage, enter a password of your choice and remember it.

Step 6: Reset your router. In case any of the above-mentioned steps were not useful, try resetting your router by pressing the “Reset” button at the back of your router.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps helped you in finding a solution to fix Belkin router wireless not working. In case you have any query or issues, feel free to revert back. If you need technical assistance, contact Belkin Router help.

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Belkin Router Rebooted, Wireless not Working

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