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Belkin Router Reset to Factory Settings and Lost My Network,How I Re-establish a Network?

Hello everyone , I have a Belkin router for last 2 month but now I want to reset factory settings and lost my network . I tried many times but couldn't find network So can anyone have any suggestion how I re-establish a network

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Reset Belkin Router to Factory Settings:

You can re-establish a network of Belkin router by reconfiguring Wireless settings on Belkin router. General Belkin Router Configuration with the help of a laptop, computer or Phone.

Requirement For Belkin router setup.

  • Internet connection.
  •  Phone or Laptop.
  • Ethernet cable ( ethernet cable if you have laptop or wifi enabled pc.

How to Install (reconfigure ) Belikin Router Network.

To make the Internet connection for a Belkin Router, you need to follow easy Steps: 

  • Take an ethernet cable and connect that cable from modem to the internet port of the router. Then other cable and connect that cable from Belkin router To the Laptop or if you have wifi on a laptop you can use that to connect.
  • Now power on your modem and router one by one. Once you will power on your router. You need to wait for 1 minute. So your Belkin Router detects the internet connection.
  • Once your router will start getting internet from a modem, it will start show solid green light. But somehow if it is showing yellow light, You may try to reboot your modem and router again.

 Once all the Led light gets green on Belkin router step up the Belkin wifi router.

  • Open the web browser like Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • In the top of the browser bar type, the IP address then press enter button. Now you will able to see internet connection type window, here you need to click on detect my connection.

  • Once your router will detect the internet connection, you will able to see the wireless settings option, here you need to configure the wifi name and password for the Belkin router wifi.

  • Now you can have your wifi network back. now you need to create a new password for Belkin router for wifi, once you have done then click next button on screen.now you will able to see Belkin username and password information, here you will able to see an option great whats next.
  • You need to click on it.if you need to register the Belkin router or you can update the firmware on Belkin router .for update the firmware on Belkin router you can open the same website you will see the option for a firmware update.

  •  It will then check for the firmware of the router.

  • Then it will Download the New firmware on the router, then update it.

  • Once the Router is online.it will determine if there is a firmware update available and offer to install it. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the firmware to update.
  • Once it is done Router network will be back and will new firmware.
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