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My dell router is not working properly?

Hi It have some issue related to net speed. It has been working fine for a long time. But the last few days, it has started to loose internet connection. It started to happened on...


Dell truemobile 1184 router problem?

I have an old dell truemobile 1184 model wx-6215d. How do i get into my router settings? ive tryed my.router and it doesnt work. i hooked my main router into port 1 of the dell rou...


Dell truemobile 1184 (wx-6215d) would not connect?

I tried "Port Forwarding" my router but it didn't work (couldn't connect). So I tried going back to the old way. But now the problem is I cannot connect. Yes, I reset the router (a...


How find my dell router password?

I forgot my dell router password, help me to get my password so that i can access my router. thanks...