Can I Use USB Modem in TP-Link Router?

If can then tell plz how? I am listening something about this, that m able to do this, but how, and manual about this setup. May be i am wrong to do this but thing is that i want to use my USB modem, i am getting some positive and negative points about this, also get a suggestion to buy a new one, but i am not able to buying a new one right now. So help me out. thanks

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Nowadays, several router manufacturers provide a USB port as located to it’s back of the side of all router devices. Most of the people know how to use USB port on their laptops or into a computer device. But most of people didn’t know, what is the purpose of using USB modem in TP-Link router? Here we are furnishing all the details of using an USB port into a wireless or a wired TP-Link router and how to get secured by someone else. Usually all wireless routers along with USB port has often refereed only as USB router & a USB wireless router.

Try to fix it a Router selector and get to choose right TP-Link router device by answering simple questions without reading any manual.

1. Let us connect to an external hard drive or a USB storage in TP-Link Router:-

  • When you attach an external hard disk into a tp-link router and get your stuff through wireless on a laptop or a desktop.
  • An external hard disk can be accessed through wireless from a laptop or any smart phone.
  • It like like little Network attached devise(NAS).
  • There are many advantages which are a way more than you can imagine, once you start using it you will realize the amazing benefits of it.

2. Problems faces and handling with an external hard disk or a USB:-

  • First connect to your laptop and safely place it. It will take some time to make storage appear as the drive.
  • After the use you have to keep the storage device safe. If your brother also want to access media or videos at the same time, then he has to wait till your are done.
  • All these issues make using the use of external hard disk cumbersome.

3. How to take the benefits from using a TP-Link Router USB port?

  • We say special thanks to the tp link router devices that bring with an USB port, your hard disk is in the cloud always waiting for you.
  • Now your Hard disk can be used as media server. You can stream movies directly from the storage.
  • This is the simplest way to create your own router device.
  • Not only this, multiple access in your systems and no more waiting for a hard disk.
  • You can enable USB drive sharing by going to the Router URL configuration like 192.168.X.X. In this way you can enable file sharing or transferred data files to other systems as prompted.
  • In this way, you can take the benefits from using a TP-Link router with the help of an USB port.
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Can I Use USB Modem in TP-Link Router?

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