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Can't connect to zyxel router settings!?

Hello everyone! I just bought a Zyxel router but I am facing a strange problem with it. After opening internet browser, when I type "" in the address bar, I am unable to log in. I have also reset my Zyxel router by pressing the Reset button. Still, the issue persists. Help me how can I connect to my Zyxel router settings? Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hello Jeff, I am describing you an easy way to connecting to Zyxel routers settings. Just have a look at these steps -

1.Take a Cat5 Ethernet cable and connect its one end from your Zyxel router’s WAN port and another end to the modem’s network port. After this, you have to connect AC adapter to your Zyxel router. Next, plug AC adapter into the electrical outlet.

2.You can use RJ-45 cable for connecting Zyxel router to your computer. After this, plug an RJ-45 cable into Zyxel router’s LAN port that is located on the backside.

3.Next, power on your Zyxel router and the modem. Now, wait for some time which that your broadband modem can establish an internet connection.

4.After setting physical connection, open any web browser and type “” in the address bar. Press Enter button. Now you are prompted to Zyxel router login page where you have to enter only administrator password i.e., “1234”.

After this, tap on “Go to Wizard Setup Link” and select your preferred language. Next, tap on Next button.

5.Now, go to SSID field and enter a unique network name. Click Next. Now a pop-up message will occur on the screen that displays “Pre-Shared Key”. Just note this value on a piece of paper because it will be needed in future. Next, close the dialogue box.

6.Next, you have to choose your broadband connection type. If you are using PPTP connection, just enter your username and password in the respective fields.

7.If your ISP server provides a new IP address whenever you connect to Zyxel router then choose the option “Obtain an IP address Automatically".

But if you have a permanent IP address, choose the option “Use Fixed IP address”. After this, you have to enter IP address and subnet mask that is assigned by your ISP. After entering these values, click Next.

8. Navigate to WAN MAC Address window and tap on Factory Default option. Now go to next window, make sure “Enable BM for all Traffic Automatically” option is unchecked.

9. After applying all settings, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. Here just click on Finish button.

Now, wait for few moment for Zyxel router to reboot. After rebooting, all settings will automatically get saved on the Zyxel router.

Now, you can surf the internet without any problem. If you need further assistance then please call at Zyxel Router Technical Support Number.

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