Can't Stay Connected to ZYXEL Router?

I have just got a ZyXEL P660HN-TxA router/modem on my home landline to use for wifi with my smartphone. The problem I have is it won't stay connected for long. It connects quickly & browsing is fast for a few minutes, but then it just kicks me off. I am still connected to the wifi, but I can't browse anything or re-connect to the internet. Sometimes I can use it for up to 10/15 minutes before it kicks me off. I have to reset the modem, or turn the wifi off then back on via my phone. Any ideas?? My phone is the Samsung Galaxy Ace on Android. It works perfectly O.K. on any other wifi & never kicks me off. Thank you in advance.

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As we all know that Zyxel router is a wide array key of connecting wired and wireless routers that allows the user to connect several computers with the help of sharing a single broadband Internet connection with multiple systems at the same time. If a customer required to enable wireless connections with the several computers or they required to connected with their office workstations to the Web, let us configure a network connection of a Zyxel router. Follow the easiest steps that aids to stay connected to a Zyxel router device. I have numerous computers and work on a wireless network, I need to stay connect with my Zyxel router via multiple devices. Especially in offices or in large organisation needs more to connect with one specific network with various PC’s.

Step-1 Firstly connected to a Zyxel router Gateway with the help of using a wired connectivity. Remember, if facing errors or unable to connect, it happens sometimes problems arises frequently. Thus, a user can use a wireless connection and to keep all things in mind if it disconnects then if any changes are made to.

Step-2 Now point to a web address field of a Zyxel router. Until and unless you changed it. Type as it’s default IP address as or as typically as

Step-3 After while to do so, when you login a first time, then it prompts need to change an admin password. Thus, this Zyxel password requires to access the Zyxel web configuration tool and at next time you need to make some changes if needed. Just kept it as in a safe place because there is no other way to recover Zyxel router password. On other hand if it gets lost then a Zyxel router Gateway is available to reset into it’s factory default settings.

On this forum, a user can stay connected to a Zyxel router network. Visit our forum and get an appropriate resolutions according to your questions.

Can't Stay Connected to ZYXEL Router?

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