Cannot Get Online Through Linksys Router and Network Adapter?

Hello, I have one desktop computer connected to linksys WRT160N wireless router and second computer connected to wireless network adapter. It states I am connected and signal is excellent but I cannot get on the internet. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I need help!!!

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Facing errors in getting online through Linksys router and network adapter? No idea how to troubleshoot it?

No worries, experts are here and they helped us to get rid of such pitfalls immediately. Go through these instructions as described here. We know that it’s not an easy task to do but try whether it can fixes your errors timely.

Step-1 Firstly a Linksys router user need to install the Router Driver carefully on your PC device. And remember, one thing not to install the Linksys software. Instead, save its drivers to a new folder on your desktop or any other drive like pen drive or CD, via the Linksys router support page.

  • If you can’t installed the router device into a computer then don’t worry, get to connect it by following the included instruction booklet as you get it while purchasing the Linksys router device.
  • Make it to reboot the computer and it asks you if you'd like to install the driver, a user need to follow the options as having get to Install drivers as manually and check whether the disk and point it to the driver folder you've downloaded to your desktop.

Step-2 Installing the Adapter Driver on your second system if using.

  • Get it now, to install your adapter in that second device and check the receiving signal from the router.
  • Install the card as described in the instruction manual, but do not install the Linksys software.
  • Instead, once again, copy the drivers to your desktop.
  • Ensures that you're using the right driver version for that particular card (for instance, be sure not to use a 4.1 driver for a 4.0 adapter card). The adapter version should be on a label right on the card itself.
  • At last a user need to configure all it’s router settings in a well proper mannered.
  • As below-mentioned the basic points to troubleshoot your Linksys router as well as network adapter glitches timely.
  • First make a Linksys router setup under the heading as Tab/Basic Setup or into a Sub-Tab that is labeled as Set to as an Automatic Configuration – DHCP.
  • Then give a single click on the radio button next that is Enable DHCP server, and make sure the total or a maximum number of DHCP users is set to a number that represents the number of computers that will be getting internet access in your home.
  • After this in the heading of a Wireless Tab/Basic Wireless Settings and the Sub-Tab, select the Wireless network mode should be set to be as mixed.
  • Now add the Wireless Network Name that is related to something you can remember easily without any delays. It maybe your first name or night be the last initial name...this is a very important part that you'll have to reference later, seriously.
  • At last, set it as Wireless SSID Broadcast to Enable the device.

Thus, here a Linksys router user can now fix such type of hurdles promptly. If find any other error, then take expert advice which are highly trained and experienced in resolving your errors in the shortest period of time.

Cannot Get Online Through Linksys Router and Network Adapter?

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