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How to Disconnect an Attached Device from a Netgear Router?

Model Wpn824 We have had this for about 4 years with no issues. Internet provider is cable. Nothing has moved or disconnected. About a month ago I had to change the security setting on my Netgear, because of an unwanted user in the area was picking up my signal. I changed to the WPA-PSK [TKIP] setting and put the password in and my children were able to connect to the internet on their own computer in their rooms. Now all of a sudden they both cannot get onto there computers even though, it says "strong signal", but they cannot get on. They did put the password in, but they still can't get on. NOTE: When I go to attached devices, my son's Ipod shows up, but he cannot get on the internet. I read elsewhere where it says to turn off/unplug the modem and Netgear, but will I have to reset everything again and will this resolve the issue? OR Do you have another suggestion? I am not that computer savvy, so easy directions will be greatly appreciated.

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by Morry on 3 years ago