D-Link WiFi Router Single Port Setup?

I have a D-link WBR-2310 Wireless router. I havn't used it in a while since I had AT&T modem that had wireless in it. But NOW that I switched to a different provider, I needed my Dlink to provide me the Wireless signal as my new modem from earthlink doesn't have any wireless capabilities. I used teh IP address on the back of it and tried to login with the login ID "admin" and no password, but that doesn't work. How do i get it to reset if there were any old passwords that i had on the Dlink, so I can set up the wireless.

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D-Link WiFi Router Single Port Setup:

Get the IP range of the connection which you want to extend. (Connect to network in command prompt enter ipconfig /all. You will get the IP address and the connected default gateway).

To avoid IP conflict change the IP address of your WiFi router in the same range. Disable DHCP and NAT settings of WiFi Router. Connect the input to one of the LAN ports.

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D-Link WiFi Router Single Port Setup :

Get to know your router.

--> LAN ports (1-4): connect devices such as computers.

--> Internet port: connect cable or DSL modem.

--> USB: can be used to connect a USB flash drive.

--> Reset button: restore the router to its default settings.

--> Power receptor port: connect supplied power adapter.

Get devices connected. Turn the power off on your router (D-Link-DIR635) and modem (cable or DSL). Plug an Ethernet cable into the Internet port on the router and plug the other end into the Ethernet port on your modem.Plug another Ethernet cable into one of the four LAN ports on the router and plug the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer. Turn on the power on router and modem.

Connect to configuration utility. Open Internet Explorer and input the IP address of your router. In the login window select admin as user name and leave password blank by default. Press log in to enter the web-based configuration utility.

Configure internet connection. In the configuration utility click the SETUP menu on the top and the INTERNET menu on the left. Then click Internet Connection Setup Wizard to configure internet connection for router.

Following the Wizard to Configure the Internet Connection.There will be 5 Steps Included in the wizard.

--> Set a new password for Admin user.

--> Select appropriate time zone for your location.

--> Select internet connection type.

Here select DHCP Connection (Dynamic IP Address).

--> Clone Your PC's MAC Address.

--> Save settings and reboot the router.

After rebooting the router should be able to access the internet.

Launch wireless setting. Log into configuration utility again.

Click the SETUP menu on the top and the WIRELESS SETTING menu on the left then click Manual Wireless Network Setup. The wireless setting window will appear.

Configure the wireless settings. After this step the router will be ready for wireless client to connect. --> Wireless network name (SSID): enter a name for the wireless network. This name will be used in wireless client to connect the router.

--> Security mode: select WPA-personal.

--> WPA mode: select Auto (WPA or WPA2).

--> Cipher type: select AES.

--> Pre-shared key: create a key for wireless client to connect the router.

--> Leave other settings by default and click Save Settings.

Access a wireless network. In the computer which needs to access internet by the wireless network create a wireless connection by scanning the name (SSID) of the wireless network and setting its connection properties.

For example in Windows 7 select Start menu

->Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center->Connect to a network. --> Security type: select WPA2-Personal. --> Encryption type: AES. --> Network security key: enter the pre-shared key. --> Click OK.

Now you can enjoy your internet and surf wirelessly.

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D-Link WiFi Router Single Port Setup?

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