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Dell truemobile 1184 router problem?

I have an old dell truemobile 1184 model wx-6215d. How do i get into my router settings? ive tryed my.router and it doesnt work. i hooked my main router into port 1 of the dell router, and my pc up to it in port 4 just to c if i could get to the internet. i could.

i tryed with my pc just being hooked up to the dell router to access the settings but no luck, and i also tryed accessing the settings wen its hooked up to my main router, no luck again...

could somebody help?
greatly appreciate it...



To get into Dell Router settings, have a look at these steps-

  • Firstly log into your Dell router's firmware through a browser. Open any internet browser and an address field, type the IP address of your Dell router. Most routers use an address of But that's not always the case, so first you should confirm your router’s IP address.

  • Open the command prompt. To open the command prompt in Windows 7, click on the Start button and type cmd in the search programs and files field. In Windows 8.1 and above, press the Windows + R buttons and type cmd. At the command prompt window, type ipconfig at the prompt itself and press Enter. Scroll to the top of the window until you see a setting for Default Gateway under Wi-Fi. That's your router, and the number next to it is your router's IP address. Note that address.

  • Close the command prompt window by typing exit at the prompt or clicking "X" on the pop-up. Type your router's IP address in the address field of your Web browser and press Enter. You'll be asked for a username and password to access your router's firmware.

  • If you have created a unique username and password for your Dell router then you need to enter them in the appropriate fields.

After entering these details you can see Dell router's firmware settings on the screen. You can now modify router settings in an easy way. On each screen, you may need to apply any changes before you move onto the next screen. When you're done, you may be asked to log in again to your router. After you've done that, just close your browser.

  • You can also use the password-recovery feature. This option appears if you enter the wrong username and password and then press Cancel at the login prompt. If you are unable to login into Dell router using default credentials then it might be possible that someone else changed the default username and password at some point. In that situation, simply reset your Dell router so all settings revert back to their defaults. You'll usually find a small Reset button on the back side of Dell router. Use a paper clip to push in and hold the Reset button for around 10 seconds.

Release the button after 10 seconds. Now your Dell router has been reset to default values.

I hope these steps will help you to get into Dell router settings. If you need any help please revert back.

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