Will my dlinks DL524 WORK ON MY WINDOWS 10 COMPUTER?

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If you are trying to install Dl524 router firmware on your PC from the dongle stick but you are getting an error message then don't get worried.
Generally, these issues arise due to windows security configuration and incompatibility of the modem with windows 10. But there is no need to install any latest drivers. To fix this, you'll need to follow these highlighted steps :

1. First of all, download "FileUnsigner" software.

2. After this, insert your Dlink router and open file explorer. Next, click on your modem storage. After that, drag and drop autorun.exe onto your Windows 10 desktop screen.

3. Now open another window of Internet Explorer and search the location of  FileUnsigner.exe. When you find it, drag and drop “ autorun.exe” from the desktop onto “FileUnsigner.exe”.  Close all windows only when you see a confirmation message.

4. Now, open autorun.exe and install your Dlink router. Since you have installed your router so you don't need autorun.exe again, hence delete autorun.exe from your computer.
If you click on the created shortcut, you'll face previous administrative errors. To fix it, follow the next step.

5. Right click on the shortcut icon and select open file location. Next, drag D-Link Connection ManagerMain and drop it onto the desktop screen.

6. Then, from the desktop screen drag and drop D-Link Connection ManagerMain onto FileUnsigner.exe and exit command window after a successful message.

7. Drag and drop D-Link Connection ManagerMain back to its original location from desktop screen. It looks like as shown in the figure.

Now if you open Dlink software then you will not face any administrative errors. However, if you use software interface for dialing a connection then you will face errors. To fix this, proceed to next step.

8. Right-click on the Dlink router shortcut on the desktop and click on troubleshoot compatibility. Next, choose troubleshoot the program.

9. Check "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now". Click next.

10. Select Windows 10 and click on Test the program.

11. Click "Yes, save these settings for this program". After this, you will see, 

Now, you can enjoy web browsing with Dlink router with full functionality without experiencing any error.

Need further assistance then call at Dlink Technical Support Number.

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