Do I Need Both a Router and a Modem or Can I Just Use One or the Other?

My DSL internet is so router/modem combo seems to reboot shut off and on whenever it feels like it. It broadcasts maybe 10 feet when radio is on and if more than 2 people are using devices...then it literally feels like i have dinosaur dial up service...even if i plug my laptop directly wired to the router/modem and turn off wireless radio it still is slow as @!$%...other day i went into the modem configuration and changed the radio signal to a diff channel...worked great for about 10 min then molasses ISP speed isn't great but its like the modem cant handle multiple signals...thinking of spending good money on a top of the line router/modem...please advise...

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If you’ve been an Internet connection at home, then there is no doubt that it is obvious you’ve both a modem and a router device. As thrown around, but might not have taken the time to understand what they are. First check whether the connections are secured and properly connected. In short we can say, that all routers will create a strong network between various computer devices in offices or a home whether, you connect through a Wi-Fi on your smartphones or tablets and laptops. Then a modem connects that network connection and thus all computers at one specific network via the internet. If a user need to connect with a Wi-Fi, you’re really connecting to your router or seriously you get a strong signal which forwards traffic between the internet and your computer. Many internet providers offer a that performs both these functions in one device.

Why there is need to connect with a modem?

A modem translates data into electrical signals. The signals travel through cables to your house (or through the air in the case of satellite internet), and a modem is required to decode those signals back into digital data. When any router connects to a computer device then there is a need to add a modem device which gives a flawless internet speed.

A router is an essential device that helps to share data info from one PC to another. All router devices is just look a like a mail sorter. If you think of every bit of incoming data as a piece of mail, then the router determines where each piece of mail goes, get connect with your computer device, your tablet, or your smart TV. Or in other words, a router lets multiple devices use a single internet connection (which is provided by the modem).

Just get connect both a modem as well as a router device that helps to bring a steadily fast internet speed. Note that even though the primary function is to serve one internet connection to multiple devices, there are several reasons why you should still use a router even if you only have one PC, such as for wireless connectivity.

Do I Need Both a Router and a Modem or Can I Just Use One or the Other?

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