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How To Setup TP Link Powerline?

I recently bought a new PC which I use for gaming (mostly online games like TF2). In order to play the games without lag, the sales assistant suggested I use an Ethernet connection rather than wireless. Since my computer is upstairs while my router is downstairs, I bought TP-Link powerline adapters that go through the house mains. However, at seemingly random times with no clear pattern, I will be disconnected from the Internet. The icon in the bottom left of my screen that shows my Internet connection will have a yellow warning triangle next to it, and I will be disconnected from any server I am on. Upon turning off the TP-Link adapters at the wall and turning them on again, the problem fixes itself and I am once again able to connect to the internet with no problem. How do I fix this issue?

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by Dipi on 5 years ago