Factory Reset?

Please assist with a step guide to Factory reset my airport express and reconfigure as wifi extender.

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Apple airport routers are the finest device in using and instant connect to other devices without any delaying. Well get to reset into a factory default settings and then resetting your Air Port base station restores it to a state that allows you to regain control of it when you lost the base station password or the base station isn't responding as expected. Depending on the base station of an apple airport model, you can perform the following steps one or more of these types of resetting a device.

There are three ways to reset an Apple Airport router as discussed below:

a) Soft Reset: Get to reset the base station password and then disabled the security (Access Control and RADIUS settings) for at least 5 minutes so that you can join the network connection to make any changes. If you want to make any changes within a 5 minutes, the base station reverts to its former settings. At last perform this to reset the device if you can't administer the base station because you forgot its password. Then need to reset it into it’s factory default settings.

b) Hard Reset: On second hand, get to reset the base station if it is unconfigured state, but users need to retains the last saved configuration and if any profiles, allowing you to restore it’s old base station from previous default factory settings. Then an apple airport user requires to perform this resetting process when the base station is unresponsive, or you're troubleshooting network issues that aren't resolved by means of other.

c) Factory-default Resetting Process: Like do a hard reset, but removes any saved configurations and profiles if possible. Just ready to perform this resetting process and if customer selling or giving away your base station to the other one. (This does not erase data stored on the built-in hard drive or can’t have any external hard drive which is connected to the base station.)

Now let us performing a hard reset, soft reset or factory-default resetting process in this forum:-
The base station is all set to request an IP address by DHCP of an apple airport base station.
The base station password is set as publicly.
The name of an airport is set as or named as base station & followed by the last six digits of the base station's MAC as known as (Media Access Control) address of a router device.
A network name is all set to an Apple Network, which is followed by also at least six digits of the base station of an apple mac address.
Hope, that all customers get appropriate solutions by following this above method and reset it to factory default settings of an apple airport extreme router.

Factory Reset?

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