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How are Nighthawk Mesh Extenders Different from Other Extenders?

Is there anyone who knows about how are Nighthawk Mesh extenders different from other extenders. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.
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Nighthawk Mesh Extenders Different from Other Extenders:

Nighthawk Mesh Extenders are the perfect extenders products that can provide coverage in dead zones of your house. If you wish to know how Netgear Mesh Extenders are different from other extenders, then continue reading. 

This Wi-Fi extender increases your current Wi-Fi speed to 2.2gbps. This extender helps in creating a strong home Wi-Fi. The main tri-band of the extender device helps in communication between your router and extender. The rest of the two bands are used for client devices that you want to connect to your network.

Nevertheless, there are a few Nighthawk extenders that can offer you a speed of 3 Gbps. In comparison to conventional extenders, Nighthawk extenders use smart roaming technology that provides Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house.

Netgear Mesh Extender Features

1) Only One Network Name

This extender device uses the same network name and password and provides one Wi-Fi network throughout your house. On the other hand, when you use a traditional extender, it offers you two wireless networks to connect to. One is your wireless network and the other one is your extender. 

2) Tri-Band Wi-Fi

Netgear Nighthawk extender offers 100% faster Wi-Fi in comparison to other range extenders. Your traditional Wi-Fi extenders increase the range of your router by receiving your data and then rebroadcasting it with the same radio and channel frequency.

3) Smart Roaming 

This feature connects your mobile phone to the fastest Wi-Fi network so there are no buffering or streaming issues while viewing videos on a streaming platform. 

4) Fast Lane3 Technology

As per this feature, the performance maximizes by putting a limitation on the number of devices to a particular band. The backhaul uses the 5 GHz network and the front haul uses two bands. This ensures that all the devices are running on the 5 GHz network. 

5) Quad-Core Processor

One of the reasons why Netgear Mesh Extenders are different from other extenders is because they use a quad-core processor for 4k streaming and lag-free gaming. Moreover, it has many other amazing features such as innovative antenna design, multi-user multi-input multi-output, etc. 

So, these are some amazing features that make Netgear mesh extenders different from other extenders.

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