How Can I Find My Netgear Password?

Unable to access router configuration page due to forgotten password...

  1. Examine the Netgear router to locate a button labeled "Reset" or "Restore Factory Settings.
  2. Hold down the reset button with your finger or with a thin tool such as a straightened paperclip.
  3. Continue to press the reset button until the light next to "Power" or "Test" begins to blink.
  4. Wait for the router to fully reboot itself.
  5.  Log in to the router using the default Netgear password of "password."
Is it a password to access your router or some other password? If you did not record whatever password you used on the router (and subsequently entered into the laptops) you'll need to reset it and reconfigure your laptops too.

How Can I Find My Netgear Password?

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