How Can I Reset My TP Link Router?

Before some days, I purchased TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router. But I am facing problem of internet connecting/disconnecting in my HP laptop. So i want to reset Tp link router.I tried some searching on Internet but I could not understand that one. Please provide me easy steps to reset my router as there is a urgent need. Thanks


When you reset your router the following settings are changed :-
1. Router username and password
2. Wi-Fi username and password
3. ISP username and password
4. Any portforwards you have set up
5. Any firewall settings you have made
6. Basically, any configuration changes that you have made to your router.
As you can probably tell from the list above, resetting your router is serious business so proceed with caution. To reset your TPlink router find the tiny reset button usually located at the back of the router. While the router is on, use a pin or the end of a paper clip to press and hold the reset button. You will need to hold it for about 10 seconds. Generally, you will want to wait for the lights to change on the router. Depending on the make and model of your router the lights may start out blinking and change to solid or they may start out solid and change to blinking.
When you let go of the reset button the router should be reset to the factory settings.

How Can I Reset My TP Link Router?

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