How Can I Secure My Linksys Wireless Router?

I am using a wireless connection and other people from my block of apartments are using the same modem i just bought, can anyone give me easy step by step instructions of how i can do that? Thanks

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Here I am describing three methods to secure Linksys router -

1.Enable a wireless security password

2.Enable Mac Filtering

3.Disable SSID broadcast

How to enable security password on Linksys router?

1. Launch any web browser and type Linksys router’s IP address i.e., “” in the address bar.

2. Now, you will see login prompt where you have to enter login details. Here, don’t type anything in the username field. At the password field, type “admin”.

3.After logging into Linksys router, tap on Wireless>Wireless Security.

4.Choose the Manual radio button.

5.After this, choose security mode from the drop-down. Although WPA2 is the strongest security and it is also recommended by experts.

6. Move to “Passphrase” field and enter a password of your choice.

7. At last, save the settings.

How to enable Mac filtering?

1.Open any web browser and type “” in the address bar.

2.Now, you are redirected to a login page where you have to enter login credentials.

3.After this, tap on Wireless> Wireless Mac Filter. Also, press a click on the “enabled” radio box.

4.Press a click on the checkbox that is next to “Permit PC listed below to access network”.

5.Next, tap on “Wireless Client list” and you will see a list of all devices that are connected to your network.

6. After this, tap on drop-down arrow that is next to “Sort by”. Next, choose “Mac address ” field and various Mac address will display on the screen.

7. To add each computer to the list of permitted devices, just click on Add and add each system to your network.

8. At last, save the settings.

How to disable SSID broadcast?

1.Firstly, launch the web browser and type “” in the address bar.

2.Type Linksys router’s username and password and hit Login.

3.After logging, go to Setup menu and tap on Wireless.

4.Next, tap on “Disabled” button that is next to SSID Broadcast field.

5.Save the settings. Now, your neighbors can’t detect your network even after scanning.

If you have any doubt or query regarding “how to secure Linksys router” then feel free to call at Linksys Router Technical Support Number.

1. Connect your linksys Router with LAN cable. (its safe to connect with LAN when you configure - you can do it from wifi too )

2. Enter in to Router configuration (Generally is the router IP)
[i.e. open any browser and enter in address-bar ]

3. password will be default if you haven't changed it (i.e user=admin and pass=admin)

4. Go to wireless setting and there will be all the options.

5. Select security from none (open) to WEP.

6. Enter password for network and

7. Start wifi

8. If it still isn't showing security enabled, just reboot your router which will be last option generally.

How Can I Secure My Linksys Wireless Router?

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